Pay 95% of Fair Market Value and make TWICE as much as a wholesale deal


Wealth Comes From Ownership

Ownership is the only way to build wealth.  With "Business In A Box". We'll show you 3 ways real estate can build wealth without having to be a landlord.

Money Now

Generate income immediately when you place your first tenant buyer by taking a 20% deposit.

Money Later

Enjoy a passive income in the form of monthly payments from your tenant buyers for years.

Retire With Serious Net Worth

Watch your properties appreciate just by owning them.

Learn how you can retire with a net worth of 6.5 million or more, all while generating passive income on your way there.

A completely new approach to building a real estate portfolio.

Business-In-A-Box is a simple system that allows you to buy properties with no money down and build a portfolio that generates immediate cash as well as residual income without the headaches of being a landlord.


Discover how to build wealth through ownership with this unique program.

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