About Us

Hi, I'm Jason

"Deals With Jason" Founder


Based out of St. Louis Missouri, I grew up in the building and real estate industry. From short sales, to house flipping and even commercial developments. 

During a particularly challenging season (watch the first 2 videos of "Business In A Box" for details) I was forced to get creative.  With the support of some incredible business-minded friends I "stumbled" into a business model that is a win for everyone.

Homeowners love it because they get to turn an unwanted property into a hassle-free investment and close quickly

Homebuyers that might not qualify for a traditional loan get to be a homeowner again and build their re-credit at the same time.

And I get to help everyone while building a personal portfolio that generates passive income now and in the future.

I'm incredibly blessed with a loving family a thriving church and now a business that I can share with others.


Why {CODElab}?


Many people ask why I would leave my own successful tech business to teach others. Simple! I want to share the freedom and fulfillment of working for myself with as many people as possible. 


Technology is a necessary part of modern life, and it isn’t going away. If you are interested in tech, you can run your own successful business in this competitive space, and I will show you how!



Meet The Team


We are a group of passionate and fun professionals eager to share our knowledge of programming, coding, and running a business in the tech industry.

Alli Choi

Web Developer

Jon Lynch

Lead Programmer

Ryan Patel

 Business Strategist

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